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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Sharon the Butcher Ariel Sharon, The Butcher

Even before his slow death, an incredible campaign was being waged to whitewash and cleanse the legacy and memory of Ariel Sharon. Lionizing a hyena will prove an impossible task. Sharon’s legacy shall always be the butcher of the Palestinian people. From his early days, Sharon was motivated by two principles. Read More

Morris County Islamic center thanks public and police

Muslim leaders from borough and state organizations expressed gratitude to local law enforcement and the interfaith religious community during a press conference Tuesday at the Islamic Center of Morris County, where last month an unknown subject spray-painted what appeared to be a swastika on a glass door. Read More


 Imam Qatanani, a well known NJ Muslim leader faces an immigration trial bases on questionable documents. U.S. court postpones trial of Imam Qatanani; rejects government's 'evidence'

The immigration trial of Imam Mohammad Qatanani has been postponed till September 17, 2013. The postponement reflected time needed for the government to respond to demands placed by the defense team, and approved by the judge, for certain documents deemed essential to answering the two main charges against the Imam. The two charges are his alleged membership and subsequent 'confession' and 'conviction' for membership in Hamas, the Palestinian militant group.Read More

Should gas stations have back up generators?
Super Storm Sandy of 2012, which hit the northeast United States, cost many lives and hundreds of billions of dollars in damaged homes, infrastructure and lost production. Unique to this storm was the prolonged loss of power and the sever fuel shortage. Opinions vary on the proposed legislation to require New Jersey gas station owners to install backup generators to ensure continued availability of fuels. Read More



A State of Palestine ensures Israel"s survival
Speculations run aplenty surrounding the political or practical implications of the historic vote by the United Nations to grant an observer status to the state of Palestine. Irrespective of where one stands on the overall Palestine Israel conflict, the decision by the UN General Assembly represents a quantum step forward in the internationalization of the Palestinian issue. The symbolic timing of the vote- the same day as the 1947 UN vote on partitioning Palestine and the creation state of Israel - is likely to make this date a significant part of the Palestinian heritage, as well as the Israelis. Read More

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